Another song off The High Life. This one is one of those feel good vibe tracks. Listen, Share, and Enjoy!

New track up on our SoundCloud. This one’s a bit more serious. Check it out. Listen, share and enjoy.

Got a new banger up on SoundCloud. Bum Bada Bum. Made for all the dumb goers out there! Listen, Share, and Enjoy!

Released a second song off my album The High Life. This one’s called Johnny Cash. Listen, share, and enjoy!

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I also got InFamous: First Light. It’s good to be back in Seattle with my girl Fetch. I think I love Laura Bailey.

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Just got TLOU:R and I gotta say the game is cool and all but I am having too much fun with this photo mode. Super dope features getting you some super dope pics.

Hey everybody! Just got a new song up on SoundCloud. Check it out and I hope you enjoy!

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Definitive Guardians .gif?


Definitive Guardians .gif?

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Ice Bucket Challenge

So you either dump a bucket of ice on yourself or you donate to ALS? So…if everyone is doing the bucket of ice…is nobody donating to ALS? Not sure I’m following.

The Cutting Room with @deejaysuicide @ramanlazar @sargonaziiiz

The Cutting Room with @deejaysuicide @ramanlazar @sargonaziiiz


Gaming Nostalgia: Metal Gear Solid (PC)

Gaming Nostalgia was originally a series of posts that I would share showcasing retro/old school flyers, this time it’s featuring old video game screenshots/artworks. These posts will be made at random unlike the original series where they would be posted on Sundays.

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